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Analysis of the Drug Test Kits.

The security at the workplace should be maintained by the employers. The workplace should be drug free zone as one of the ways to maintain safety. There are reduced workers compensation claims, reduced legal hassles to business and better compliance with the law, by the worker when the drug test is effective at the place of work. This results to a better employee-employer trust and relationship which will lead to a healthy business. Drug use can be tested through use of many methods by the employer. These are, pre-employment drug screening, scheduled and random drug testing.

By using the drug test kit, the employer is able to detect the drug abuse by the employee as the kits are designed for such purposes. The employers can use both the single and multi-panel test kits. This site will evaluate the drug test kits. A single drug can be tested using a single-panel test kit using a sample like urine and saliva. They are easy to use, economical and give quick results.

The multi-panel drug test kit is designed to test two or more drugs at a time. The multi-panel drug test kits are named based on the number of the drugs they test such as the 3-panel,5-panel, and the 12-panel drug test kits. The various drugs that can be tested using these multi-panel drug test kits are, methamphetamine, barbiturates ,buprenorphine, marijuana, opiate ,oxycodone, and phencyclidine. Although both the multi-panel and single-panel drug test kits can be used in the workplace, the multi-panel kits are more advantageous and economical.

The multi-panel drug test kits are more convenient in that they are available in both strip and cup forms. In handling the sample, the multi-panel drug test reduces the inconvenience. The sample is collected in a cup that has a closed lid and the test card is attached to the cup itself so that when one peels off the label, the results can be read. There is value of the cost and the efficiency in the multi-panel drug test kit. The drug abuser cannot escape from the test as they test more than one drug that is most commonly abused. Though the cost of one multi-panel drug test kit is high, they can detect many drugs which makes them more economical.

The split key cup check, the temperature check and the adulteration check are the advanced options in the multi-panel drug test kit. The split key cup checks makes the test convenient in that the key cups make sure that the sample does not come into contact with test part until the key is inserted. The adulteration checks the PH and the oxidant in urine sample to ensure that there is no adulteration in the sample and the temperature check to measure the temperature of the urine to ensure that the urine sample temperature is not below hence no adulteration.

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